Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Just starting out

This is my first official blog. I mean, I have myspace and facebook and all that, but I'm finally taking the time to sit and create a page for the Welches.
I hope to update this thing at least once a month, or just whenever interesting things happen.
Thanks for dropping in for a peek!
When I have more time I'll actually work on getting this thing to look more official with links and all that good stuff!



Jerusalem said...

So great!! Welcome to Blogland! And that picture is tooo cute. Both yours and Dani's dressed were too precious!

jeanetta said...

welcome to the darkside. lol
you'll love it here!

Erin said...

This is going to be really fun! Check out our clothing line at:

Love you friend, and I can't wait to see what you add to this blog.

Linda said...

Great Idea doing a blog! It's how I keep up with a lot of people. And thanks for the link to my blog. I'll be checking out the other links later tonight.

Rich & Jen said...

Ok, girl, time for another post! ;o) I know it can be slow going at first but once you get going you'll be ADDICTED! "mmooowahhaaaahaa, indeed!!!" :o)

the blackwells said...

Hey Julie!

Glad you commented on our blog...welcome to the blogosphere!

In answer to your question...we were in Dallas for 7 years and then moved to England a year ago for Ben to work on his PhD. We are really loving our time here and adjusting to our little Texans gaining a Northeast English accent. ;)

-- heather