Sunday, March 16, 2008

Daddy Daddy

Dani loves saying "Daddy" twice every time she says his name. I'm still wondering why I never hear "Mommy Mommy."

This next month or two will be a new challenge as I take on the roll of single parent while Scott is away on business. We did well today, but after a few days of Daddy not being here for the regular evening thing, I have a feeling our little girl is going to be having a hard time. See, getting ready for bed is special 'Daddy time'. We decided a long time ago, since I'm staying home, and he usually comes home late in the evening, that would be his special time with her. So, around 6:50, she starts saying "ducha" (shower -- which she still thinks is bath... but we are working on correcting...), then she heads upstairs and Daddy does the whole bedtime routine: bath, diaper and pj's, then reading time before putting her in the crib. Tonight, she was saying "ducha, daddy daddy" over and over.
We might try letting her talk to him on the phone every evening before bed. She loves talking to Daddy on the phone, although we haven't quite made it past "Hi, Daddy Daddy" and "Bye bye, Daddy daddy".

I'm hoping time will fly so he's back here with us sooner. I can't imagine what it must have been like centuries ago, when one had to keep in touch with their love by writing them a letter -- then waiting weeks to hear back. I'm so thankful to have the means to communicate with him whenever.

If you have any suggestions of good books I should get my hands on, feel free to pass along the info. I'd like to start reading more in the evenings, instead of getting caught up in too may reality tv shows.

It's too late tonight to crack open a book. So, I will end with "night night".


Marco said...

"Centuries ago"? How 'bout "When we were growing up"?

Mail to and from Ecuador from anywhere in the world also took weeks.

I guess we DID have telephones though, but in our family long-distance calling was very much a "special occasion" thing. Costs were high and quality was low.

Julie said...

Oh yes... right you are! I do remember mail taking FOREVER. Then there were the good old calls on the ham radio: "hi, over" "how are you? over"